Jane A. Reid, USGS Pacific Science Center

Jane A. Reid, USGS Pacific Science Center

As you know, in December 2003 the United States Geological Survey (USGS), after many years and months of planning, moved into newly designed and built-out space in an abandoned gum factory in Santa Cruz, California.  In what was a gum-wrapping floor and adjacent mechanical shops are now private and semi-private offices, executive offices, a reception area, seminar and conference rooms, as well as several labs and storage areas.  Since we have moved in, occupants and visitors alike have exclaimed over the style of the space; the ease and comfort of the work areas; and the overall usability and friendliness.

This transformation encompassed the efforts of many people.  Alex, you worked longer and harder than anyone else in making this new space a reality, and we are so pleased with the results.  From the soaring ceilings, the corridor that beckons you to walk down it, the office layout including the more intricate cubicle layout that adds interest and spice to the day, to the invigorating yet calming colors, this space is amazing.  This space, despite the necessary right angles does not feel structured; it feels natural and organic.

You integrated our needs and our desires into the reality of this building, suggesting ideas we would have never thought of.  Your sense of style, your understanding of how to emphasize the plusses while minimizing the negative aspects of the 4 building makes this space special.  Your company has more to do with the success of this space than any other.

Folks here are working more and harder now; our compadres at other sites are jealous, and local visitors are thrilled to see that what was a bit of a white elephant become a wonderful, stimulating space.

Thank you, Alex and Shelley.  We’re so happy, and we all look forward to whatever we may do together in the future.

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