Our Team


Alex Ross is the owner and founder of PILLARs Architecture. With over 20 years of architectural experience, he is widely regarded as one of Silicon Valley’s foremost architects. He formed the company in 2000 in San Jose. He graduated from the University of Colorado with his degree in architecture. Alex has had extensive experience in developing sustainable and environmentally-friendly building designs. Read more about Alex Ross on LinkedIn.


Shelley earned her B.ENVD from the University of Colorado, Boulder.  Upon completing her degree she returned to her native Bay Area to pursue her passion for architecture. She approaches each project as an opportunity to invite new versatility to the routine of everyday life. Shelley believes that a person’s home is their sanctuary and their place of work is an environment in which to expand and grow. This belief lends itself well to spaces filled with natural light and fresh air that seek to embody the core values of her clients. When she isn’t working in her garden, or practicing yoga you can find her hiking, or traveling around the western states with her husband and son.

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